Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the four tissue types and name their special properties,

  • Define fascia,

  • Describe the characteristics and qualities of each of the first two layers of the onion tree: skin and superficial fascia,

  • Describe the connections and relationships between skin and superficial fascia,

  • Describe the properties and benefits of each layer,

  • Describe the movement properties of each layer,

  • Describe your relationship to both layers.

Course Curriculum

    1. About This Course

    2. Course Materials

    3. Q&A

    1. Module Overview

    2. The Four Tissue Types

    3. Connective Tissue

    4. What is a "Fascia?"

    5. Components of Fascia

    6. Review

    7. Module Summary

    1. Module Overview

    2. Skin: What is it?

    3. Skin: Properties

    4. Skin: Relationships

    5. Skin: Movement Properties

    6. Skin: Exploration

    7. Skin: Your Relationship

    8. Skin: Additional Resources

    9. Review

    10. Module Summary

    1. Module Overview

    2. Superficial Fascia: What is it?

    3. Superficial Fascia: Properties

    4. Superficial Fascia: Relationships

    5. Superficial Fascia: Movement Properties

    6. Superficial Fascia: Exploration

    7. Superficial Fascia: Additional Resources

    8. Review

    9. Module Summary

    1. Final Review Quiz

    2. Course Conclusion

About this course

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