What You'll Get

You could have the most awesome course in the world...but what if no one knows about it? Don't let your hard work go to waste. Get the insider strategies and leverage to make your course a marketing success.

  • Create your pricing strategy based on market research

  • Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Create your promotional templates based on your brand and USP

  • Define and capitalize on your ideal marketing channels

  • Determine if a paid marketing strategy is right for you

  • Create a marketing timeline for success

Recommended Prerequisite

  • Start Here: Pre-Flight Check

About This Course

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video: About This Course

    2. Syllabus

    3. How To Take This Course

    4. Meet Your Faculty

    5. Technical Requirements & Support

    6. Q&A

    7. Legal Agreement

    1. Module Overview

    2. Pricing is Marketing

    3. Pricing to Sell

    1. Module Overview

    2. Your Unique Selling Proposition

    3. Branding You

    4. Bonus: Canva Tutorial

    1. Module Overview

    2. Marketing Channels: Virtual and Real Life

    3. Marketing Channels

    4. Marketing On A Budget

    5. Faculty

    6. Paid Marketing Channels

    7. Timelines

    1. Review

    2. Next Steps

    1. Module Overview

    2. Marketing Your Business From The Start - Cue Creative Consulting

    3. Marketing 101 - Kelly Aldinger

    4. Marketing Teacher Training - Rob Hodgson

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 27 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

About Rachel

Rachel helps yoga teachers and studios around the world create transformational education experiences so that they can thrive in their business, share their passion, and inspire more people to practice yoga. Her extensive knowledge and experience include earning two master’s degrees, authoring five books, leading over twenty 200-hour teacher trainings, building a teacher training department for a national yoga studio, and working in yoga studio management for more than fifteen years. She combines her extensive practical experience with her academic expertise (Masters in Instructional Systems and Learning Technology) to help yoga teachers and studios develop quality, transformational in-person and online educational programs.


As a yoga expert, has written for periodicals such as Yoga International and the Huffington Post, made guest appearances on CTV, Breakfast Television, and numerous podcasts, and presented at venues such as Wanderlust and the Omega Institute. She exuberantly shares her knowledge and skills through coaching, her blog, YouTube channel, and free online classes. Find her at rachelyoga.com or on social media at rachelscottyoga.