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A yoga teacher's companion for smart, creative teaching.

Elevate your sequencing and teaching.

Rachel's Sequencing Mentorship is a 4-month course for yoga teachers who want to improve their teaching and sequencing skills in the hatha and vinyasa styles. Not only will this program expand your sequencing library, it will also help you to crystallize your understanding of anatomy, alignment, action, and cueing.

Pricing options

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How It Works

  • Learn

    We start with an intensive overview of sequencing concepts and skills, which will empower you to understand peak pose sequencing and make the most of the program.

  • Expand

    Every week, receive a new sequence and teaching tips for a different peak pose. Meticulously designed for a safe and empowering practice, these sequences can be taught "as is," or used as a launch pad for your own creativity.

  • Apply

    Practice with Rachel. Each week, you are invited to two livestream classes (one hatha and one vinyasa), where you can experience variations of that week's sequence in action. Classes are recorded for those who can't attend live.

  • Connect

    The monthly Zoom meeting with Rachel and your fellow mentees provides a forum to connect personally, share your ideas, get feedback, and ask questions. Meetings are recorded for those who can't attend live.

What You'll Get

  • A solid foundation in peak pose sequencing techniques for hatha and vinyasa class styles.

  • A fresh sequence every week, meticulously and lovingly designed in the peak pose sequencing style. Teach it "out of the box," or use it as a foundation for your own creativity. These sequences are my fave picks from my

  • Detailed list of the peak pose's component parts, to help solidify your understanding of alignment, action, and anatomy.

  • Teaching tips that will hone your teaching and cueing skills and support your students.

  • Access to two free livestream practices (hatha and vinyasa) so that you can experience variations of the sequence in action.

  • Monthly Zoom meetings so that you can get personalized feedback, connect with a community of peers, and deepen your understanding of sequencing.

  • Flexible payment options. Pay up front and save, or pay by the month.

  • Eligible for 50 hours of CE credits from Yoga Alliance.

Weekly Live Classes

Two Weekly Live Classes will be held on Zoom. Not only are these amazing opportunities to see sequencing in action, Rachel gives lots of personalized feedback to participants to deepen and refine your personal practice. 

Can't be there in person? No worries! All meetings and classes are recorded and made available to participants. Schedule is subject to change based on the time zones of most participants.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meeting dates and times:

  • #1: Saturday, July 20 10:00 AM ET ~ 60 minutes, meet and greet
  • #2: Saturday August 24, 10:00 AM ET (60 minutes)
  • #3: Saturday, September 28, 10:00-11:30 AM ET (90 minutes)
  • #4: Sunday, November 3, 10:00-11:30 AM ET (90 minutes)
  • #5: Sunday, November 24, 10:00-11:00 AM ET (60 minutes, wrap up)

Can't be there in person? No worries! All meetings and classes are recorded and made available to participants.

Student Testimonials

"Literally a lifesaver!"

Linda McGill

"The sequencing mentorship literally has been a lifesaver for me! I am a spanking new yoga teacher and like many new teachers, I struggle immensely with writing/sequencing my own classes. After I completed my YTT, I hit the ground running and created an online yoga membership all while trying to balance my private massage therapy practice. Creating a business while running another business is not easy! Because of Rachel's incredibly organized and succinct mentorship I have been able to release AMAZING weekly videos for my online membership without having to put in copious amounts of energy to "reinvent the wheel." I also (like many people) can struggle with self-doubt/imposter syndrome and this mentorship has grown my confidence by leaps and bounds. I now feel comfortable calling myself a "Yoga Teacher!" Thank you for everything Rachel, I am so grateful for you."

"Cannot recommend this course highly enough!"

Emma Henry

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough! I have learnt so much and I feel much more confident in my teaching having done this course. Rachel’s knowledge is superb and she shares it all in a highly engaging way. Each week, the modules are broken down into bite size chunks, so although you learn a lot, it is never overwhelming and it can all easily fit around other commitments. The live classes are always excellent and provide a great way to consolidate the theory behind the poses. Rachel is so patient and no question is too stupid! She really takes the time to get to know her students and I have felt very supported throughout the whole process. I am looking forward to taking my new found knowledge and confidence and growing my teaching further. Thank you so much, Rachel!"

"Changed my teaching completely!"

Ana Vidigal

"Rachel's mentorship program is absolutely amazing! When I came across it, I got excited about the program, and it felt a great way to continue my teachings, but the way Rachel organizes it, went beyond my expectations! It is a real community that is connecting across the globe and learning with a very inspiring teacher, it is much more than "just another online training. " I became a real student of Rachel's, even if we have never met in person. I love attending the weekly live classes, and whenever I miss it, I always watch the recording. The program itself has changed my teachings completely. I have the feeling I feel much more confident to get into postures myself and teach them as well. Thank you for being so inspiring Rachel!"

"There's no better teacher to learn from than Rachel."

Elana Love

"Newly out of my 200 hr certification, where I felt I didn't get enough sequencing and anatomy training, and trying to balance the overwhelm of yogipreneurship alongside developing myself as a teacher, Rachel's mentorship was perfect! This course gave me so many new ideas for flows within flows, cueing language, creative and effective exercises and asanas, new perspectives, and a much better understanding of different parts of the body and how they work together to build a pose. Not to mention, it was great for my own personal asana practice development! The course material was just the right amount of info, and Rachel was so generous to give us two classes a week with her, as well as any additional time we had for questions and conversation. Rachel is so incredibly inspiring, knowledgeable, and has the most uplifting and welcoming spirit. Getting to do a deep dive over the course of multiple months like this, with an amazing teacher, is beyond valuable experience. Prior to this course, I was so stressed about making the most creative sequences each week and it would take me hours to prepare for one class, which made teaching feel energy-draining, and now I feel I've come leaps and bounds in being able to prepare smart, effective, challenging, and fun classes for my students with much more confidence and efficiency. I can't recommend a course like this enough, and there's no better teacher to learn from than Rachel."

"Exactly what I needed to grow my confidence as a teacher and student."

Breanne Failor

"As a new yoga teacher, Rachel's mentorship program was exactly what I needed to grow my confidence as a teacher and student. Coming out of a 200-hour training can feel challenging. You have learned so much, yet you feel you have so much to learn still. Covering a new peak pose every week helped me dive deeper into my asana practice, really understand the alignment of these common poses (and some not so common), and how to teach them safely to all bodies and all levels. I then had a sequence that I had practiced in my own body to teach to my students (adding my own personal style and voice). I didn't feel like I had to reinvent the wheel to develop my classes, and I could really focus on teaching. Finally, the monthly mentor meetings allowed me to connect with other teachers, learn from them, and see that I'm not alone in my feelings as a teacher. Other teachers had similar struggles and questions, and we were all on this journey together."

"Amazing Opportunity!"

Amy L.

"Amazing opportunity!!! This mentorship has served as a review and extension of my anatomy knowledge while at the same time providing building blocks that helped improve my ability to sequence intelligently and cue for the intention of the poses. As the mentorship progressed and some of the peak poses had the same component parts as earlier poses, the repetition of concepts has implanted this information into my working memory. Rachel makes herself accessible for questions and provides an option to take two classes per week to work with her embodying the content. So grateful I signed up! "

"So much fun!"

Amy King

"Diving into this sequencing mentorship with Rachel was so much fun! It was so helpful to learn the preparatory stages of the peak poses. Exploring the foundations of all the poses was extremely useful and gave me a greater understanding of body mechanics. Participating in the live online classes was great! I was able to stay consistent in my personal practice while also learning how to bring what I had learned to my students. Overall, I would give Rachels sequencing mentorship two thumbs UP! She is so lighthearted and funny, and extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and cueing. The way she explained the specific component parts of the poses was easy to follow and relatable. I never once felt confused, lost, or overwhelmed. I was able to complete each teaching module on my own time and never felt rushed. Thank you so much Rachel for your time and knowledge! I am extremely grateful for all that you have taught me."

"Exceeded Expectations."

Joan Sparks

"This course has absolutely added to my yoga practice/teaching toolkit. In addition to helping me understand sequencing so much better by breaking down the pose to its component parts and building a sequence to warm up and work those parts, the stages of the peak idea has really expanded what is accessible to me and to those I teach. I highly recommend this course."

"I've learned so much!"

Wendy Davies

"Rachel’s Sequencing Mentorship was content rich in a variety of different applications. Monthly meetings, weekly classes, and self-guided modules over the course of a scheduled 3-month period; I felt the pacing allowed the information we were receiving, and practicing, to be something I was able to apply to my teaching each week. Plus, it took me out of my comfort zone with offering certain peak poses as a teacher – I’ve learned so much, and insight was gained for me and for my students. I am so grateful for what I have learned, and am applying, from this course! Thank you, Rachel.

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50 Hours CE Credits

Upon successful completion of the program, you are eligible for 50 hours of CE credits from Yoga Alliance.

Course Curriculum

    1. About This Course

    2. Program Schedule & Live Meetings

    3. Course Materials & Getting Your Certificate

    4. Weekly Livestream Classes

    5. Monthly Meeting Archive

    6. Optional Prerequisites

    7. About Your Faculty

    8. Introduction Forum

    9. Q&A

    10. Technical Support

    11. Legal Agreement

    1. Module Overview

    2. What is Peak Pose Sequencing?

    3. Component Parts

    4. Parts of Class | Class Timing

    5. How To Plan A Class

    6. Families of Poses

    7. Knowledge Review

    8. Q&A

    9. Module Summary

    1. Module Overview

    2. Class Styles

    3. Hatha Vs. Vinyasa Styles

    4. How To Create Safe Transitions

    5. Building A Vinyasa Class: Threads

    6. Knowledge Review

    7. Q&A

    8. Module Summary

    1. Module Overview

    2. Practice What You'll Teach

    3. Use A Journal

    4. Teach Your Sequence Several Times

    5. Module Summary

    1. Module Overview

    2. Component Parts

    3. Stages of the Peak

    4. Class Intention

    5. Sequence

    6. Teaching Tips and Resources

    7. Knowledge Review

    8. Q&A and Reflections

    9. Module Summary

    1. Module Overview

    2. Component Parts

    3. Stages of the Peak

    4. Class Intention

    5. Sequence

    6. Teaching Tips and Resources

    7. Knowledge Review

    8. Q&A and Reflections

    9. Module Summary

About this course

  • $395.00
  • 186 lessons

About Rachel

Rachel is a teacher trainer and educator who has been teaching since 2003 and leading teacher trainings since 2007. With a knack for making complex ideas accessible and fun, she helps teachers build the practical skills that help them unleash the magic of their own teaching voice.

She has written for periodicals such as Yoga International and the Huffington Post, made guest appearances on CTV, Breakfast Television, and numerous podcasts, and presented at venues such as Wanderlust and the Omega Institute. She exuberantly shares her knowledge and skills through coaching, her blog, YouTube channel, and free online classes. Find her at or on social media at rachelscottyoga.