Offer Your 200 Hour YTT


If you want to offer a top-notch 200 hour yoga teacher training, but outsource the labor of content and lesson plan creation, purchasing my comprehensive 200-hour yoga teacher training could be an excellent option for you.

Kanami Anderson

Powder Yoga, Japan

"I feel beyond grateful to have been able to teach a course as professional, detailed, and thoughtful as this. Seriously, it was the most incredible experience, and I can't wait to do it again."

The Benefits of Partnership

  • Save Time & Effort

    Invest in a strong foundation for your training: robust student manual, beautiful presentations, detailed lesson plans to engage and lead students, visual presentations, assessments and answer keys.

  • Increase Revenue & Build Community

    Teacher training can expand your brand, increase your engagement with your community, and generate valuable revenue to help you sustain your business.

  • Share Your Unique Voice

    Fully editable and brandable, you can adapt the curriculum and student manual to express your unique voice, teaching methodology, and vision.

Leilani Reid

Kamloops Hot Yoga, Canada

"Seriously blown away with how professional and comprehensive this package is and I feel so lucky to have hired the best."

What You Get

  • Lesson Plans. Detailed guidance for how to teach every hour of the training, both in-person and live online. Engaging lectures, visual presentations, activities, worksheets, practice sessions, and guided discussions. Every lesson is exquisitely structured for maximum learning and impact. Allows you to outsource teaching time to other faculty, confident that everyone will be on the same page.

  • Student Manual. Over 600 pages of goodness of clear and robust content. Provided in PDF and Word so that you can edit as you wish.

  • Yoga Alliance Guidance. Many studios have successfully for YA with this program. As part of your package, you get up to five hours of 1:1 coaching with me, which we can use to support your application process.

  • Online Adaptation Guidance. Teaching your program online? No problem. The lesson plans include guidance for teaching live online. We can also use your coaching time to look at specific strategies for pre-recorded content.

  • Schedule Support. Part of your coaching time is used to create your personalized schedule.

  • Accountable. Detailed assessments (quizzes, exam, and practicums) to help your students successfully hit the mark and help faculty provide clear and measurable feedback.

  • Customizable. All materials are editable and brandable so that you can adapt the training for your School's vision and teaching.

  • Support. Up to five hours of consultation with me is included so that I can help you with material, coach you on registration with Yoga Alliance, and support your teaching. For those registering with the US Yoga Alliance, I also include access to my free course, "How to Register with Yoga Alliance" to help you navigate the process.

Check out the student manual, trainer notes, pricing, and more.

Emma Turnbull

Yoga Wise, United Kingdom

"Everything is so well laid out and easy to follow, whilst allowing space to bring in your own teaching voice and experience too. Just couldn't have done this without Rachel's help!"

What Your Students Will Learn

By the end of this program, your students will be able to:

  • Plan and teach an all levels yoga class in the hatha and vinyasa style,

  • Create safe and smartly structured classes in the peak pose sequencing style,

  • Teach confidently using a methodology that is simple, inclusive, accessible, and non-dogmatic,

  • Demonstrate skills in direct cueing, verbal assists, demonstrations, classroom presence, staging poses, and the skillful use of actions,

  • Demonstrate a firm understanding of anatomy and its application to asana and risk factors,

  • Practice and teach foundational meditation and pranayama techniques,

  • Describe the key milestones of yoga history and apply key philosophical concepts to real-world situations and behavior,

  • Describe the ethical qualities and embody the behavior of a professional yoga teacher,

  • Evolve their personal practice by participating in practices, asana labs, and structured practicums.

Bill O'Connor

Hot Yoga Burlington VT

"Where do I go to give you and your YTT program a 5 + STAR review!!! Seriously! I am on the 10th week of the 12-week program and though you may not know it, you have been with me every step of the way. It has been transformative for me, my staff and the 10 new teachers I have coming out into the world shortly."

Easy Payment Plans

Make your investment affordable and fit it into your revenue stream through customizable payment plans.

Why You're In Good Hands

About Rachel

Rachel helps yoga teachers and studios around the world create transformational education experiences so that they can thrive in their business, share their passion, and inspire more people to practice yoga. In this training, she has combined her academic expertise (Masters in Instructional Systems and Learning Technology) with over 4500 hours of experience leading trainer trainings to create an exceptional program your students will love. Rachel has worked with universities to help them adapt their in-person courses for online; she brings this expertise to the table to give you options and flexibility in how you offer your YTT program.

On the business side, Rachel has helped manage two large national yoga companies (Yoga Works and YYoga) and  - as the Director of Teachers' College - developed YYoga's training department from the ground up. In other words, not only does she understand education, but she has a deep appreciation for the financial landscape of the yoga business. 

On the yoga side, she has written for periodicals such as Yoga International and the Huffington Post, made guest appearances on CTV, Breakfast Television, and numerous podcasts, published five books, and presented at venues such as Wanderlust and the Omega Institute. She exuberantly shares her knowledge and skills through coaching, her blog and her YouTube channel. 

Check out her teaching style with her free online classes at or on her YouTube channel at rachelscottyoga. Learn more at or connect via social media at rachelscottyoga. 


  • Is this yoga training registered with the US Yoga Alliance?

    While purchasing the program on its own is not a guarantee of of Yoga Alliance approval, my materials have been used for successful applications many, many times. I have a lot of experience in YA registration, and provide support for your process in the form of coaching. You will be given access to my course, "How To Register | Uplevel for Yoga Alliance," and you are also welcome to use your 5 complimentary coaching hours with me to help prepare your submission.

  • Can I edit the student manual?

    Yes. The materials are provided in editable formats so that you can edit and brand the Student Manual, presentations, and trainer notes so that they reflect the unique vision and voice of your school.

  • Do I own the copyright?

    The copyright for all original materials remains with me, but I grant you a non-exclusive, lifetime license to use the materials.

  • Can you help me create a training schedule?

    Yes! As part of our consultation time, I will support you in creating a training schedule that will work for your School and your vision (and help in your Yoga Alliance registration).

  • Can this teacher training be online?

    Yes! The program is designed to be easily adapted if you want to deliver portions - or even all of it - online. The training notes are very detailed, and include adaptations for teaching via Zoom. I'm also happy to discuss strategies for leveraging the material for pre-recorded, livestream, and in-person learning as part of our consulting time.

  • What can we use our five hours of coaching for?

    The materials are very clear and comprehensive, and some Schools don't use the coaching time with me at all! However, this time is available for you for any are in which you feel you need support, for example: creating your personalized training schedule; navigating Yoga Alliance registration (or your registration organization of choice), adapting the materials to reflect the mission/ vision of your school, business or marketing strategizing, coaching faculty (train the trainer)....I've got your back.

  • What's in your student manual?

    The student manual is over 600 pages of goodness. To get a deeper view of the manual (with sample pages, index, etc. ) you can check out my "Sneak Peek of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training," in which I take you behind the scenes of the training and give you a more in-depth look a the materials. Or hit me up for a chat! I'm happy to take you on a "backstage tour."

  • Can you tell me about the sequencing style?

    This course teaches students "peak pose sequencing," which can be applied to hatha or vinyasa yoga styles. Students will learn to choose a complex pose that will act as the pinnacle of the sequence, break down the peak pose into its component parts (what needs to be warmed up or educated in order to practice the pose effectively) and craft a sensible sequence to build logically to that peak. While peak pose sequencing is not the only valuable sequencing style, it is incredibly useful to help students learn to differentiate between poses and understand principles of alignment. The practices are peak pose sequences and designed to reinforce the student's understanding.

  • What kinds of activities does the 200 hour teacher training include?

    The training includes a wealth of learning activities, all designed to help your students become skilled, mindful teachers. The program includes asana labs, detailed asana practices, lectures, group activities, self-palpation, partner palpation, worksheets, practice teaching, journal reflections, and juicy group conversations, to name a few! There are a wide variety of learning techniques and styles to help support your students. The training also includes visually rich presentations (Google Slides, which can be downloaded as PowerPoints) for anatomical and philosophy subjects that benefit from graphics and media.